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Hey! Sorry, I’ve been a little bit absent this month, Easter holidays and all that… Anyway, I’ve promised myself I’d write at least two posts a month on here this year, and I’m not planning on breaking it.

Here’s some of the best things I’ve seen on the Internet this month that I recommend you all having a look at! You can see all my other further reading posts here.

Medina Grillo from Grillo Designs is a very fabulous interiors blogger from Birmingham. She has such an eye for shape and texture, even though her style is a bit more monochrome than mine, she makes neutrals exciting!

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CONFESSION: when I first started on Instagram, I used to get a little upset because I always felt like I didn’t belong. That I didn’t fit in anywhere . To any clique . To any group. And I certainly wasn’t a member of any perceived cool club (yes such groups exist in this online space- much in the same way they existed in school ??‍♀️). It’s surprising that even as an adult , these sort of things could bother me. And for the longest time it did. But last year , I felt a shift in my attitude . I stopped trying to search for people to accept me and rather just took more time, trying to accept myself. Funny enough , the moment I decided to do that is the moment I actually found acceptance. There’s that meme I see floating around, about creating your own table and not waiting to be invited to sit at someone else’s. I get that now, more than ever (although I admit coming to this point of realisation hasn’t been easy). Now I do have a circle of friends on here that both support and keep me grounded. And those friendships aren’t difficult, or forced. In any way. They just are ?? Can you relate to this? . . . Photo by @kfiszerfoto . . #representationmatters #myhome #thisishome #thisisme #finditstyleit #pursuepretty #aquietstyle #theeverygirl #dslooking #interiorstylist #deliciousdarkdecor #muslimentrepreneur #womensupportwomen #hijabstyle #blackvoices diningroomdecor #rustictablesetting #kitchentable #myhousemadehome #inspiremyinstagram #onlyinterior #homeadore #womenempowerment #myhousethismonth #interiormilk #cosyhome #openplanliving #howwedwell #scandimaximalism

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The most unexpected thing about Medina is that she’s a renter. Many of the design features she’s used in her home are fully removable when she moves out, and don’t cost a fortune to DIY.

She’s just started a series on how other renters have decorated and furnished their spaces. You can read the first one featuring Emma Jane Palin’s home here.

There’s a video tour if you’re not into reading, but the pictures on the link above are dream Pinspiration so it’s definitely worth a scroll.

I’ve mentioned many times on this blog that at my old flat the kitchen was TINY. Yeah, I’m going to put this image in again for you.

Counter space? I don’t know her.

ANYWAY. This is the smallest kitchen I’ve ever been in, but somehow, kitchens in New York City apartments manage to be even littler.

Refinery 29 have a really fun new series where female professional chefs use these terrible kitchens to make something absolutely delicious. They also are challenged to use the tools the tenants already have in their kitchen. Most of the time this seems to consist of one blunt knife and a wine bottle.

I’ve embedded my favourite one below – I’m obsessed with Samin Nosrat of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat on Netflix fame and want her to be my bestie, basically. You can watch the entire series on this playlist.

I mentioned Jenni from Can’t Swing a Cat before in my post about how long it takes to buy a house. What I’m recommending now is to join her Facebook group Money Mess to Financial Success.

Jenni posts lots of thought-provoking questions and people share dilemmas and experiences I think we could all learn from. It’s definitely worth joining if you’re trying to get your finances back on track, or are interested in chatting about money with like-minded people.

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  1. Gemma Edwards 7th May 2019 at 4:13 pm

    I’ve been renting for ten years now and I find it so depressing not being able to make a space my own so thanks for the fab recommendation showing that there are ways around that!


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