Bronni’s Investing Club

Bronni's investing club

Hello! Welcome to Bronni’s Investing Club. Membership is free, provided you accept that I’m not a financial adviser and I can’t tell you where or how to invest your money. You make your own decisions, capisce? Just like you (probably) I’m a new investor. I’m in my 20s, and nobody ever handed me a bunch of shares, therefore my portfolio is pretty meagre. 

The first rule of Bronni’s Investing Club is that I’m not a financial adviser, the second rule of Bronni’s Investing Club is you can both lose AND gain money when you invest, there is risk involved. 

If you’re up for it, I’m inviting you to come along for the ride on my journey of investment discovery. I’m a very thorough person. I like to do the research when it comes to my writing. Whether it’s testing the pH of facial toners, or oversharing the hell out of how much it cost to buy my house; you should expect more of the same when it comes to this blog series. 

I’m hoping it becomes more of a teach a man to fish thing where we’ll all learn the basics behind investing and can use that knowledge to choose the best thing for our personal situations, rather than a give a man a fish deal where I tell you which platform I’m using and which fund I’m buying, which is only really relevant if you’re me. 

Want to talk about investments in a judgment-free zone? Join the Bronni’s Investing Club Facebook group.

Before we get going, there are a couple of blog posts I’ve already written that broach the topic of investing and future planning that could get you started: 

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