About Me

By the way – there’s absolutely no way I’m going to write this in the third person, I think we all know I’m describing myself…

Hey! I’m Bronni and I’m a financial journalist and deals hunter in my mid 20s. I’m really into cats, pop music, the internet and barely substantiated celebrity gossip. One of the things I’m most proud of is owning this URL, it’s fab, right? I work in London and live in commuter-ville with my country bumpkin boyfriend. Most weekends you’ll find us trying (and failing) to do DIY, watching box sets, cooking and visiting National Trust properties.

Of course, from a quick once over of my LinkedIn, you’ll be able to tell that I’m a massive cheapskate. I know how to bag the best freebies and tricks to make you extra cash on the side. Hopefully my blog can help you save a bit of money, whether it’s to help you buy your first home without a massive inheritance or just get a good rec for some freezer storage.

I also co-run the blog Beauty Markdown with my friend Leah. If you like makeup and skincare, especially on the budget end of the spectrum, it’s definitely worth a look.

Any questions? Appelle moi!


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