Some of the links in this post might be affiliate links, if you use them (which you don't have to) I'll receive a percentage of the money you spent.

(Some of the links in this post are affiliate links – if you buy anything I’ll get a small percentage back and it won’t cost you extra)

The bathroom is the second room in our new house that we attempted to put our own stamp on. As bathrooms go, we were actually pretty lucky. Most 3 bed Victorian terraces have one small bathroom downstairs, at the back of the house. You awkwardly have to run through the kitchen in your towel to go and get changed. Our bathroom is up on the 2nd floor (3rd floor to any American readers) and it’s big, like BIG big. I don’t know if my pictures do it any justice, but it’s easily twice the size of a standard family bathroom. You could fit a single bed on the floor, even with the suite as it is now, and comfortably have enough room to walk around it.

Me and my boyfriend did this all 100% ourselves without hiring anyone to help us, which is why it was so affordable.

Unfortunately it was a lot more beautifully sunny when I took the “before” pictures back in September! But hopefully you like what we’ve done to it. In an ideal world I’d get rid of the awful square toilet and sink, but they’re actually in very good condition, and hopefully my cheap decorating tweaks can distract you from them.


71% of you said fuzzy peach

My controversial paint colour is Fuzzy Peach by Valspar in their kitchen and bathroom formula. I bought it in B&Q and they mixed it for me, you can get any of their hundreds of colours like this, which I think is great.

Most kitchen & bathroom paint exclusively comes in beige, grey, and light blue, so it’s pretty much your only option if you want to do anything even slightly original. My boyfriend said this paint was his favourite to work with so far, even if he initially didn’t like the colour. He loves it now, I’m an interiors genius tbh. I just used B&Q white bathroom paint on the ceiling.

The toilet

Weirdly, our bathroom window isn’t frosted at all. The window in our hallway is though, we’re convinced there was a mix up! The previous owners put these weird silver stickers on the bathroom window, but everyone can still see you get out of the shower.

What we did:

  • Scraped off the window stickers
  • Repainted the window frame
  • Gave everything a good clean
  • Artfully dotted decorative items around the room to distract from the cube toilet.

Rush bathroom bin – £6 at Wilko

Plants – in store only at Tesco

Plant pots – vintage from Etsy, and Sainsbury’s (old)

Glass carboy – stolen from my great uncle’s garage

Luxury room spray – £2.99 at Aldi

Cubby hole

This is a weird part of the bathroom. If I knew how I’d put a cupboard door over it, I totally would. It is quite handy for storage, and it turns out I needed it. Look how much stuff I have! We didn’t really “do” anything to this part of the bathroom, just refreshed the glossing and added a chair.

Bath mat – £7 at Urban Outfitters (no longer available)

Laundry bin – £17.99 at H&M Home

Ceramic beauty storage – HEMA (old) [similar]

Glass jar with cork lid – £2 at Tiger (in store only)

Chair – Sam’s grandad’s house

Plastic baskets – Curver

Wire baskets – eBay

The shower

To match my square suite, I have a weird P shaped bath. It’s absolutely rubbish for having a bath in because it takes so long to fill, but the shower part is great.

What we did:

  • Changed the bath taps, shower hose and head
  • De-rusted the metal support for the shower screen (we used white vinegar and left it on there)
  • Replaced the rotting bath panel – Sam used a bit of kitchen cupboard for it, and it actually doesn’t look that bad
  • Re-mastiked
  • Scrubbed an inch of limescale and water marks off the shower screen

Bath tap and shower Swirl minimalist – £39.99 at eBay

Towel ladder – £28 at Dunelm

Hand towel – £5.60 at Dunelm

PP vanity storage – £3.25 – £4.50 at Muji

Stainless steel squeegee – £9.90 at Amazon

The bathroom mirror/cabinet

For some reason, the previous owners had a shaving mirror and a full length mirror near (instead of over) the sink. I just had to rip them both down when I had the chance.

I’m a real skincare junkie (as evidenced by my beauty blog) – and I need somewhere to hide it all. A sliding mirrored cabinet is the perfect solution!

What we did:

  • Took off the shaving mirror and filled the holes
  • Hung the bathroom cabinet

Sliding bathroom cabinet – £60.29 at eBay

There’s no way I’m listing all the products I have in here. My boyfriend has a couple in the other side… it’s not 100% me.

The doorway

I took this photo when we looked around the second time, hence all the stuff in the picture. I forgot to capture the bathroom door when I took my snaps of the house when it was empty.

What we did:

  • Took down the full length mirror and filled the holes
  • Primed and painted the pine door satin white
  • Changed the door handle and lock to match the others in the house
  • Fitted the B hook behind the door… I haven’t decided whether it stands for Bronni, bathroom or bog just yet.

Brass beehive door handle £14.88 at Ironmongery Direct

Gold lock – £5.34 at B&Q

B hook – £5.56 at Anthropologie

Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss cheese) plant – it was a gift, but I know my boyfriend’s parents bought it from Haskins.

Plant stand – £12 at IKEA

Green bath sheet is from the luxury range at Primark, unfortunately I can’t remember what I paid.

The sink

The sink is an ugly old beast. BUT I really tried my best to make it a tiny bit more visually appealing, what do you think?

What we did

  • Changed the tap
  • Changed the pop up waste (basically the plughole, but that’s what it’s called)
  • Took out the silver bit in the overflow hole

Swirl Minimalist tap – £43.95 at eBay

Soap dish & toothbrush holder – £6 each at Zara Home (in the sale, no longer available)

Total spend

I spent £242.61 on this bathroom makeover, not including paint or filler, which I think is a bargain. Most of our money was spent on the taps and mirror, but I think it was worth it to balance out the bathroom suite. It really looks like a totally different room now, it’s not dirty and dingy at all. What do you think? Could you live with a square toilet, or a peach bathroom for that matter!

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  1. Vicky 22nd January 2019 at 2:29 pm

    I am itching to do up my bathroom but unfortunately it is such a small space there is very little I could do with it. I love these ideas though and I will definitely have a think about which ones I can apply and if there would make enough of a difference in a small space. Unless I get rich and then I’m having a master bathroom in my new master suite in the loft conversion and I’ll do them all! 😉


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